Pink Spring

Oh Yes, during April and May we experienced the transformation of the city and my favorite thing of it, is all that pink, it’s everywhere !!! The Cherry Blosoms season is here! Click here: to watch the “Pink Spring” Album


April was really special! In this month Spring officially arrives but not before some late night snow invades the city combined with heavy rains. So here comes the first preview of April:     After the storm comes the calm, and finally we got to see the miracle of the spring the trees become heavier with leaves…

March 2015 – Week 10

Hey there dear readers 🙂 This last weeks I’ve been quite busy, but now I am back, with a lot of new material. My 10th week of this year was pretty amazing! I had the opportunity to visit Prague. It was a wonderful historical experience. I need to go back because I feel there is…

roots and shadow

This is one of my favorite pictures because it is open to many interpretations.. It makes me think that we are a reflect of our roots, our family, our country, the people we have met, our experiences. Each one of us is cultivating their own tree, their own shadow… What are your interpretations?

February 2015

Cold and beautiful skating afternoon in Tempelhofer Feld 😀 Watch more of this week on my Flickr Account click here! 🙂 Good evening everyone and happy March !!

Personal Branding

What is my current personal brand? And where I want to be? This are some of the question you need to ask yourself. The online reputation matter a lot these days, internet is a free world, though your name is been exposed, so its better to be aware of it. The moment we recognise our talent,…


So winter is almost gone, the sun is coming up and there are some tiny little flower blowing out of the floor. Spring is waving but the cold still doesn’t leave … anyways we decided to climb Teufelsberg and get in to the abandoned american listening station.    Keep reading.

Flea Markets in Berlin

One of the things I love the most about Berlin is that recycling spirit from many of the people that live here. It feels like to buy in stores is not as cool as going to vintage flea markets. What we have noticed is that now some sellers are getting advantage of the trend, making the prices…

Unforgettable Eisenstaedt: 22 Amazing Photos by a Master

Originally posted on TIME:
Alfred Eisenstaedt (1898–1995), the man behind some of the most memorable pictures of the 20th century, was a professional photographer for almost 70 years. He started working in photography in Weimar Germany in the 1920s. Having fled Nazi Germany in the mid-’30s, he shot for LIFE magazine from its debut in…


Smiling … sounds easy but sometimes is difficult to make one. While I was reading this article “How smiling changes your brain” I force myself to smile. I mean, I was not angry or sad. I was just in a neutral mood… So when I started smiling, I realised how good it feels in fact….