For about 7 years ago, I have the opportunity to start my Bachelor degree in Communications. From the beginning of this path I understood the great influence and responsibility that the media possess, so I assumed with commitment this challenge, that is the search for the truth, as far as possible!

During my studies, I had the chance to explore many fields related to my degree. Fortunately Cinema, Photography and Television were part of it. Across each subject I learned how to understand these Audiovisual Mediums, that has captivated so many people over the years. It’s very normal to even think that it has shaped our society and culture in many ways.

Mad Men (Source: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/madmen/)

Through this Blog, I will try to publish interesting news and reliable sources. Here my intention is to share with you some of the pieces I found interesting. The themes will oscillate from Movies, TV Shows, Biographies, New Artists and Trends. I  hope you find something of your interest too and share with me your favorite artist too.


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