Flea Markets in Berlin

One of the things I love the most about Berlin is that recycling spirit from many of the people that live here. It feels like to buy in stores is not as cool as going to vintage flea markets. What we have noticed is that now some sellers are getting advantage of the trend, making the prices go higher, so what’s the point? Isn’t Flea Markets a good chance to find good deals and antique treasures? as well contributing to decrease the global warming and consumerism?

Because we want to have our own flea market experience, We decided (sunday 15.02.2015) to visit as many markets as we can, to give you, our opinion and tips for each one, as well to dig and find our personal vintage treasures ❤

We  started with some of the most famous: Mauer Park Market , Boxhagener Platz and Raw Market.

  • Mauer Park Market is my favourite,  there are many options, better prices (not sure in all the cases, but Lisa bought a nice scarf for 8€, that in BM was for 14€), and live music. You better wear uggly shoes, during winter or rainy days. The best time to come is summer because on hot days the kareoke singers go wild, so you would have fun for sure 😉 ( Based on our lasts visits – summer 2014, winter 2015)
  • Boxhagener Market is among the top 10 flea markets of Berlin but for us it wasn’t that nice, may be it was just a bad day or the cold attacking my feet. The were not so many variety and also sort of high prices. The highlight of this Market was Mateo’s Art, his work is really authentic and with affordable prices. ( Based on our last visit 15.02.2015)
Painting by Mateo
  • While we were visiting Boxhagener Market we found some flyers of the Raw Market, so we decided to go and explore. What we find out is that it was more like a street food market, with only at most 20 private sellers… not much things to buy. Even though, the food trucks were pretty tempting there was a great smell in the atmosphere. As well we noticed some people making a line to get in to something we have no idea. So we get closer and discover the Street food: Berlin Village Market, for which they were asking 1€ for supporting … we didn’t have more time that day, but we are coming back to get in and check it out 😀 Oh, and we enjoyed the Graffitis Exhibition that is all over the place! Here we share some pictures.( Based on our last visit 15.02.2015)

Here The official list of Berlin Flea Market, and yes! there still a large list of Markets to visit 🙂 We hope you find this information useful, or have fun reading it. If so, please give us a like, or leave a nice comment with your own experience, tip … We’ll be glad to hearing from you!


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