LIFE Manifesto

In my daily geek routine I find this inspiring manifesto poster Enjoy!

Brand is like a person

Brand is like a person I believe a brand is more than a person, is actually the union of different persons that with premeditation creates something to gain profits. This work demonstrates the opposite of what I think is the right conception of branding, that’s why I like it better… It challenge me, on my research of what branding is……


I think we all have the power to be an influencer,  even if without willing we are! Our behavior and personality is not just our problem because it actually influences others, for good or for bad, but at last it happens… My life, my work in fact is not mine, I create it, but it…

IKEA: Most Liked Showroom

Ikea: Most Liked Showroom Is always enjoyable to watch how this company improve their marketing strategies!